We all make bad decisions in life. Sometimes it is harder to remove them, sometimes it is not.
You might have liked a pattern or a name or a shape so much that you wanted it on something valuable. Let’s say a few years ago you liked a band so much, wanted their logo on, and got it done but now you hate it and don’t want it on your precious skin. Oh, did I say skin? No, on your car. Wow, thank God it’s not your skin, it’s just a sticker on your car.
You might think that getting rid of a decal is as hard as removing a tattoo, but it’s not. It is super easy and fast with Canopus Decal Remover! It enables you to get rid of all the damaged and faded mistakes of the past (well, not all of them) in just 15 mins, and for just $19.99.
How does it work? You will need your Canopus Decal Remover, a power drill, a rag, and of course an unwanted decal in your car. Canopus Decal Remover comes with a drill attachment that the rubber wheel screws into. After you screw it onto the wheel, fasten it into a regular power drill. At this point, you don’t need a hairdryer or any other tools, you can directly apply the side of the wheel to the sticker. Starting at the top, apply light pressure and watch the sticker literally return to dust, leaving no scratch on the paintwork. After you’re done with all pieces, just wipe away the residue, and enjoy the beauty of the brand-new look.
Please keep in mind that Canopus Decal Remover works best between 1500 and 3000 rpm. If you use it at higher speeds, you might end up with a worn-out rubber and a surface still carrying the unwanted sticker.
And it’s incredibly fun to watch! Once you try it, you might even want to make more bad decisions on your car, window, boat, and many other surfaces as an excuse to use your Canopus Decal Remover again!