Waterproof, durable and easy to apply: Here is Canopus RV Sealant Tape
You spent the whole day hiking in the woods, climbing the hills, passing the rivers… Now it’s raining outside, you are in your RV, listening to the calming sound of rain and slowly falling asleep. You deserved a goooooood sleep, but what is this? Omg! It’s your RV’s ceiling, leaking. The sound of the water drops falling at regular intervals feels like a drill in your brain! What if the rain gets heavier and dripping turns into a flow? What if everything gets wet and you wake up in an RV-pool?
Ok, let’s not exaggerate it and focus on the facts:
Now you need to hire someone to fix it. How much money and time is it gonna cost you to call someone into the woods or drive to the city and come back here? Oh, also remember the water pipe back home that needs to be fixed, too. Oh, by the way, the little crack on the RV wall causes a tiny airflow, and it’s enough to break the heat isolation. Maybe you shouldn’t have taken the vacation, you should have done over time instead. Maybe selling the RV is the best solution at this point?
No, don’t sell your RV, and don’t call anyone. What if I told you there is a product out there that you could buy only for $21.99 and fix all these problems super easily with no mess? That’s right! Canopus RV Sealant Tape enables you to prevent any kind of water leaks and low-pressure air flows indoor and outdoor on many kinds of surfaces including plastic, metal, aluminum, rubber, vinyl, steel... It requires no skills, no additional tools, no hundreds of dollars, and no cleaning afterward.
So what is this Canopus RV Sealant Tape and how does it do all this amazing stuff? It is basically a super sticky and flexible tape that comes in 4" (inch) x 20' (ft), 4" (inch) x 50' (ft) or 2" (inch) x 50' (ft). On the exterior surface, it has a UV-resistant, super durable, and flexible layer, and on the inside, it has the grey material that does the actual magic. Once you receive your tape, first you cut a piece of the size that you need easily with regular scissors, then peel off the plastic liner and expose the sticky part. Now the party starts: Place the tape on the roof, on the pipe, on the wall, on the aquarium, basically wherever you want, then apply pressure on it with your hands or a heavy roller to activate the adhesive material. Make sure that you clean and dry the surface beforehand and place the tape flat and as neatly as possible for the best sealing. That’s it! Now you can camp in dessert or the tropical rain forest or your backyard because Canopus RV Sealant Tape has passed all the resistance tests with perfect scores! (If you would like to learn more technical details, please follow up on the next article.)
Oh, before I forget, its adhesive power is stronger than love. Imagining tons and tons of fun experiments, right?
Now it’s time to save hundreds of dollars, tons of energy, and enjoy the RV trip you deserved with Canopus RV Sealant Tape!