Easy Decal Removal: How To Use A Decal Remover Eraser Wheel

There are plenty of reasons to remove decals. Maybe it's a used car or boat with them or maybe you've outgrown those old bumper stickers. The easiest way to remove decals, bumper stickers, and similar items is with a sticker remover tool like a decal remover eraser wheel. 

It costs money to have this done professionally with some charging $30 for the first half-hour of work and $25 every half-hour afterward. 
Without a sticker remover tool, you could spend hours trying to get adhesive items off cars or home appliances. You could scrape up the item in the process. Buying a solid decal remover for vehicles is a good investment that will save you money from the first job.

A decal remover eraser wheel like the CANOPUS Decal Remover Eraser Wheel is your best option for easily removing unwanted stickers and decals.

decal remover eraser wheel

decal remover eraser wheel

Are Decals Hard to Remove?

They can easily be removed if you have the right tool like the Canopus Decal Remover Eraser Wheel. It not only works for a car decal remover but also works for boats, RVs, bikes, motorcycles, appliances, and even windows.

It may take some time to do a complete removal job, especially if it's something that is all over the car, boat, or bike like pinstriping. Instructors tell you that you will need to take some breaks as you move along. You will also want some car soap available to wash away residue.

While it may seem unnecessary to buy a decal remover wheel, decal removing wheel is the best option that can be used over the years so it's a good investment. That's especially true if you buy used vehicles, boats or are passing vehicles down through the family to your different children as they learn to drive. 

What's the Best Way to Remove Decals?

The best way to remove decals from cars without stripping the paint is to use a good decal remover for vehicles.

Can Decals Be Removed from Car?

The Canopus Decal Remover Eraser Wheel works well to remove not only decals but pinstripes and even items that are sun-baked into the vehicle. All you have to do is use the drill adapter included with the device. Attach it to the rubber wheel and then attach the appliance to a household drill. It runs off standard electrical power so it's super easy to use. 


How to Remove Old Decals

First, you will need to attach the eraser wheel to your drill. Then, you will play the wheel edge against the decal or sticker you wish to remove. Gently press the power and use a light force to begin removing the decal. 

Some acrylic surfaces may not do well with this method, so be careful in those situations. Always test a small area before trying to remove a larger decal. Also, be aware that the older the decal is the harder it will be to remove. You will want to take more time with those to ensure they are properly removed. 

Using a Decal Remover for Vehicles Is Important

Removing stickers is a good thing to do if you want to resell your car. No one wants to buy a vehicle, boat, or motorcycle when they have to spend extra time removing decals. 



Using a decal remover eraser wheel like the Canopus Decal Remover Eraser Wheel ensures that you won't scratch your paint. That will save you thousands of dollars and keep your vehicle, boat, RV, appliance, or other item looking new. It is one way to make a project like removing decals and stickers not only easy but even fun.