With these objects in hand, you can then start to modify your N95 mask. Follow these instructions to transform your headband straps into ear straps:

1) Locate the staples that hold the straps in place. They may be hidden behind a layer of fabric.
2) Slide a box cutter or razor blade underneath the staples to pry them loose.
3) Once loosened, use a pair of pliers to pry open the staples, being careful to not remove them completely.
4) Slide the straps out from under the staples and rearrange them. Feed one strap from the bottom staple to the top staple on the left side and feed the other from the bottom staple to the top staple on the right side.
5) Tightly squeeze the staples closed using the pliers and test the straps. If they are too loose, remove the mask, loosen one of the staples on each side, and cut the straps down to size using a pair of scissors.

It’s important that your mask fits correctly, otherwise, it won’t block 95% of particulate matter, as advertised.